Time-Sharing and Decision Making

It is crucial to have a knowledgeable advocate by your side when litigating the anguishing issues of child time-sharing and decision making.  An erroneous decision can have painful consequences, including less time to spend with your children and diminished control over their upbringing.  The lawyers at Fisher, Bendeck & Potter, P.L. are highly focused on advocating for our clients so that they maintain strong, healthy relationships with their children during and after the divorce, while, simultaneously, protecting the children from the process.

If the child-related issues are litigated in court, the judges' decisions often turn on the "battle of experts."  The firm's attorneys have a great depth of experience presenting expert, psychological testimony in support of our clients' positions and impeaching the opposition's experts on the stand.  In fact, prior to Florida's adoption of the Daubert standard for the admission of scientific evidence, the attorneys at Fisher, Bendeck & Potter, P.L., were at the forefront of the effort to eliminate "junk science" from child-related proceedings so that children's "best interests" could be determined on the basis of reliable methods and evidence.  Now that the Daubert standard is being applied by certain courts in Florida, the firm's attorneys are particularly well-positioned to litigate its rigorous standards on behalf of our clients.